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Stephen Andrew is a psychotherapist, writer and musician. A former contributor to Rolling Stone Australia, Rhythms and Juke, he is also a multi-instrumentalist of The Stereo Stories Band. Guitar, bass, vocals, drums...

Lights On The Hill by Slim Dusty

Stephen Andrew Central New South Wales, circa 1987 By the time the bus hit the Queensland border, I was a changed man, hearing things in a new way. It was a conversion of sorts, or perhaps, a mini musical epiphany. From that day on, country music made sense to me.

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BAD MEDICINE by BON JOVI Story by Stephen Andrew

As James and I quietly reflect on the day’s pedalling, we are interrupted by the sound of something akin to a squealing, stuttering dentist’s drill a few thin tent walls away from us. Before you can say, ‘Hand me my hair gel’, Jon Bon Jovi and his Jersey boys are bellowing the song’s chorus, sixteen seconds in, no beg pardons.

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Rocktober special: Riding High by Freeway

Stephen Andrew Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Rocktober, circa 1975 Sometime after that Rocktober gig I upgraded my tennis racquet guitar for a battered old five string acoustic guitar from a jumble sale. I picked out a few tunes, added the missing sixth string.

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Everybody Moves by Died Pretty

Stephen Andrew The Gershwin Room, The Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda, February 2013 Three or four times, as promised, Julia Zemiro makes mention of the neck brace. It’s become a prop, a point of identification, a punch line.

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