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Our next show will be at Write Around The Murray in Albury on Saturday 16 September. Details here.

Here is our highlights reel from recent shows in Queenscliff (late May) and Williamstown (mid June).

“Unforgettable night. Stories; memories; fragments of life; moments in time; all told within the mood of music. At times soft and seductive, at other times throbbing and beating; stories in stereo. Rich and enveloping, the words and tunes weave together.” Donata Carazza, director, 2022 Mildura Writers Festival.

'An utterly unique concept' blends music and memories -  read more at The Age, 3 January 2022

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Every so often you come across a song which can demolish you; take you down in slow-mo, floor by floor like an old hotel, ending in a puff of plaster and dust. Maria Majsa, writing about Between The Bars by Elliot Smith.

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