Stereo Stories published its 500th story this morning, a piece about exploring Broome and the Kimberley and discovering the joys of the music of The Pigram Brothers. It is by Stephen Andrew, the website’s most prolific and versatile writer.

Stephen was one of the first writers I turned to when I started the site in 2013. Back then I wondered if I’d be able to garner enough interest from writers (let alone readers) to keep the website ticking over for more than, say, twelve months.

Before too long Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson, Nick Gadd, and Rijn Collins were onboard. Then came  Maria Majsa, Lucia Nardo, Brian Nankervis…and Zoe Krupka, Rick Kane, Andy Griffiths,  David Oke, Luke Davies…

Seven years and 150 writers later, we now have scores of non-fiction stories (call them mini-memoirs if you wish) that not only celebrate music and song but also look at love, grief, mental health, family, parenting, teenage identity, travel…

In 2014 the website became three-dimensional, so to speak, when we started performing concerts at writers festivals.

We look forward to more songs, more stories, more concerts.

Thank you, everyone.

Enjoy every sandwich.

Vin Maskell

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Vin is founding editor of Stereo Stories and director/MC of Stereo Stories In Concert.