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1008, 2014

Stereo Stories In Concert


Writers and musicians bow at the end of the concert at 2019 Williamstown Literary Festival..

Writers and musicians take their bow at Williamstown Literary Festival, 15 June 2019. "A night of wonder and joy," said author and audience member for the first time, Carmel Bird. See Sweet dreams in Williamstown. Photo by Melissa Longo/Ink Cloud.

Rijn Collins, writer: "There’s this moment when you hear the amazing Stereo Stories band bring a song you love to life, when you’re at the podium reading your story and the audience is watching and the music starts…and you realise how utterly magical storytelling can be, and how honoured you feel to be doing it, especially in such talented and passionate company."

“Stereo Stories has emerged from a melting pot of writers and musicians to become one of the most interesting ways for people to enjoy, understand, and connect with the live performance of songs that have been pivotal in people’s lives. ” – Michael Stewart, Director, Newport Folk Festival, Melbourne

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Every so often you come across a song which can demolish you; take you down in slow-mo, floor by floor like an old hotel, ending in a puff of plaster and dust. Maria Majsa, writing about Between The Bars by Elliot Smith.

3110, 2016

$$ Spoilers $$ by Jarrow

David Oke The Dancing Dog, Footscray, May 2015 Heather and I grinned and looked at each other through the night, as if to say, ‘How did all this happen?’ ‘Is our son really this good?’ and ‘Who would have believed this?’

606, 2018

A certain song by Van Morrison. Story by Rijn Collins

With a scowl that could scorch the tops of crème brûlée, I would stalk through the bar to the alleyway to glower outside until the song ended. Even the rotting potato peels and pools of stale beer were preferable to hearing it again.