Summer and music. They go together like sand and sea. Like sun and salt. Like similes and…um…metaphors.


We have more than 20 stories set in summer, stories based on songs by Powderfinger, Skyhooks, Kate Bush, Joy Division, Paul Kelly, Bob Seger and more.

…Summer romances (Colin Ritchie, Stephen Andrew)
Surfing (Mark Smith)
Roadtrips (Smokie Dawson, Lucia Nardo)
Cricket (Rick Kane)
Childhood memories (Jeff Dowsing)
Teenage memories (Zoe Krupka)
English holiday jobs (Maria Majsa, Nick Gadd)
The local pool (Melissa Longo)
The local river (Dianne Wolfer)
Christmas (David Oke)
Bushfires (Stephen Andrew)…

Plus poems by Kevin Densley (an Adelaide summer) and Louise Maskell (a hot Geelong evening).

To slake your thirst, this extract from one of our very first contributions, and first performance stories, beautifully captures summer via the thoughts of a newly-arrived teenager from Canada.

My ear was burning in the sun, and my nose, which I had just recently pierced with the aid of a needle sterilized with a match and a handy bit of raw potato, was throbbing softly. The window rag smelled of this new stuff, eucalyptus oil, which I wanted to drown the world in I loved it so much, and my music box was precariously perched on a stool…(Zoe Krupka writing about XTC’s Senses Working Overtime)

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