Writers and musicians bow at the end of the concert at 2019 Williamstown Literary Festival..

Photo by Melissa Longo. Williamstown Literary Festival 2019

Stereo Stories concerts are based around stories that, mostly, are first published on this website. For performance, the stories are edited to make room for The Stereo Stories Band to weave in and out of the narration of the story by the writer. Several writers have been part of our shows since our debut in 2014. Some have been invited for particular concerts. Others have been invited by writers’ festivals to be part of our show. All are part of the Stereo Stories collective that celebrates story and song.

Stephen Andrew
Alan Attwood
Emily Zoe Baker
Paul Bateman
Tony Birch
Clare Boyd-Macrae
Anson Cameron
Ian Carpenter
Aimee Chan
Melanie Cheng
Rijn Collins
Luke R Davies
Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson
Torre DeRoche
Nick Gadd
Molly Galea
Andy Griffiths
Chris Hammer
Jane Harrison
Hugh Jones
Toni Jordan
Rick Kane
Danny Katz
Zoe Krupka
Emily Maguire
Maria Majsa
Peter Maskell
Vin Maskell
Martina Medica
Melanie Mununngurr-Williams
Brian Nankervis
Lucia Nardo
Matthew Naqvi
Debra Oswald
Steph Payne
Chris Phillips
Fiona Price
Jock Serong
Kerrie Soraghan
Jenny Valentish
Arnold Zable
Markus Zusak

Brian Nankervis. Photo by Eric Algra

Andy Griffiths. Photo by Eric Algra

Paul Bateman. Newport Folk Festival 2016

Zoe Krupka. Newport Folk Festival 2016

Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson. Photo by Eric Algra

Rick Kane, Newport Folk              Festival 2016


Rijn Collins. Photo by Eric Algra.



Maria Majsa. Photo by Patrick Reynolds.

Lucia Nardo hamming it up during a soundcheck. Photo by Alan Attwood.




Writer Nick Gadd, with Peter Maskell. Photo by Eric Algra.

Williamstown Library 2015. Photo by Eric Algra