Peter Maskell and Anthony Shortte. Photo by Eric Algra. Geelong, February 2016.

Peter Maskell was the sound-engineer for our first ever show, in the Council Chambers at 2014 Williamstown Literary Festival. He made sense of a spaghetti tangle of leads and cords that fed into vocal mics, acoustic-guitar direct inputs and two, yes two, small PA systems.

A few weeks later he was on stage at the Newport Folk Festival,  playing guitar and singing All Or Nothing At All, to accompany a love story by Nick Gadd. By the end of the year, at a Newport Bowls Club gig,  he’d brought drummer Anthony Shortte into the ensemble, and was alternating between acoustic, electric, slide and bass guitars. And singing.

Stereo Stories shows are very dependent on timing, as the writers and musicians combine story and song to create humour or drama or sweetness. It’s particularly so when the writer’s story is comedic: the punch-line depends on the timing of the band’s cue. Peter has played the straight man, so to speak, on very funny stories by Danny Katz (Cats In The Cradle), Chris Hammer (Purple Haze), Tony Birch (Brown Sugar) and Brian Nankervis (Baby I Love Your Way/Show Me The Way, plus Little Boy Sad).