Peter Maskell and Chris Phillips dueting on Stop Dragging My Heart Around. Photos by Eric Algra

Without The Stereo Stories Band there would be no Stereo Stories concerts at all. The band weaves the music of each song through the narration of the writer’s story about the song. They play in the key of versatility, from country to blues to rock to pop to hip hop, and beyond.

The line-up of the band may vary from show to show, according to the set list.

The 2021 line-up. Chris, Peter, Vin, Matt, Julie, David, Martina

So, what does the band sound like? Take a look at our YouTube footage . Or come along to a show!

A singer and a cello player performing at a concert.

Martina Medica and Laura Sheridan. Photo by Peter Weaving, courtesy of 2021 Bendigo Writers Festival.


Stephen Andrew


Jack Gramski.


Salvatore Romita.


Peter Maskell (and Danny Katz)