Here at Stereo Stories we mainly publish, well, stories. No surprises there. Short memoirs about  ‘a song, a place, a time’. Nearly 500 stories.

Every now and then, though, we’ll run poems: thoughts and ideas about music. Sometimes they tell a story. Sometimes they don’t.  It doesn’t hurt to bend the rules on the odd occasion.

We have poems about music by Neil Young (‘I heard a savage angel outside my apartment window’), The Replacements (‘When I was with you I felt like Paul Westerberg’), Tchaikovsky, John Lennon, Kate Bush, Models, Frankie Valli, Mozart, Springsteen…

Thuy On combined poetry and prose in her 2018 trilogy based around songs by Regurgitator, Pulp and Bryan Ferry.

The title song from In The Mood For Love inspired a poem by Thuy On.

Damian Balassone has written playful rhymes about Cliff Richard, Taylor Swift,  Levon Helm, Barry Gibb, and Jay-Z.

Phil  Dimitriadis composed a mash-up of Springsteen lyrics after watching more than a few YouTube clips one night back in 2014.

And we have one poem dedicated to an unknown song!

Take a look at our ‘stereo poems’:  The Stereo Stories poetry collection

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