Word of mouth

“A night of wonder and joy.” Author Carmel Bird after seeing our 2019 concert at Williamstown Literary Festival.

Markus Zusak, author (The Book Thief, Bridge Of Clay): “Stereo Stories feels like the perfect way to make a writers festival that extra bit more special. The personal stories entwined with the songs transcends any other event I’ve been involved with. I bloody loved every moment, and left just wanting more.” Markus was part of our show at the 2017 Williamstown Literary Festival, where he and The Stereo Stories Band channelled Crime In The City by Neil Young.

Arnold Zable, author (Cafe Scheherazade, Violin Lessons): “Stereo Stories is a great venture that encourages experimentation, and creativity, and nurtures stories of heart, soul and daring.” Arnold was part of our 2018 show at the Glen Eira Story Telling Festival and our 2019 show at the Williamstown Literary Festival, where he and The Stereo Stories Band re-created The World Is A Ghetto by War.

Rijn Collins, writer: “There’s this moment when you hear the amazing Stereo Stories band bring a song you love to life, when you’re at the podium reading your story and the audience is watching and the music starts…and you realise how utterly magical storytelling can be, and how honoured you feel to be doing it, especially in such talented and passionate company.” Member of the Stereo Stories ensemble since our first show, in 2014.

Chris Hammer (Scrublands): “Such fun. It’s not often an author has backing band.” Chris was part of our 2018 show at Write Around The Murray, in Albury, where he entertained the audience with a hitch-hiking story based on Purple Haze by Hendrix.

Andy Griffiths, author (The Treehouse series): “Stereo Stories is the perfect blend of words, story and music. The writers’ stories are powerfully supported and enhanced by the amazingly versatile and evocative Stereo Stories band through a whole range of emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and most importantly, you’ll hear each song with fresh ears and new meaning.” Andy has been part of our ensemble since 2016.

“Stereo Stories provided the perfect finish to this year’s Word for Word Festival with their unique performance that combines music and memoir. Personal stories accompanied by music that wove in and around the sometimes funny, sometimes very poignant narration. A wonderful way to wrap up the festival.” Maryanne Vagg, festival director, November 2016

Write Around The Murray is a very open-hearted festival,” said WAM Festival Coordinator Ann-maree Ellis, “and we certainly felt that with the personal stories entrusted to us at the extraordinary Stereo Stories night of music and memoir.” September 2016

“Stereo Stories combines a strong sense of personal narrative, evoking an important time in someone’s life, captured with the songs that meant everything, at that moment, to that person. You are included and affected. A multilayered and skilful, original, format, Stereo Stories was awesome at Newstead Short Story Tattoo in May 2015.” – Neil Boyack, Director, Newstead Short Story Tattoo

“Stereo Stories has emerged from a melting pot of writers and musicians to become one of the most interesting ways for people to enjoy, understand, and connect with the live performance of songs that have been pivotal in people’s lives. The writing is as polished as the musicians are professional, and I have no hesitation in recommending Stereo Stories as a performance piece for a festival, an afternoon’s entertainment, or as the centre piece of an arts exhibition.” – Michael Stewart, Director, Newport Folk Festival , Melbourne

“Stereo Stories was a huge hit at Williamstown Literary Festival in 2014 and at an even bigger, sold out session held in 2015. Stereo Stories is such a powerful and unique concept. Audiences love the music and they love the stories. Wonderful writing: funny, poignant, wry, mixed with songs. It all comes together in a compelling and hugely satisfying way!” – Loraine Callow, former Programming co-ordinator, Williamstown Literary Festival

“Hobsons Bay Libraries was thrilled to be the first library service in Australia to host Stereo Stories. Stereo Stories packed out the Williamstown Library on a lovely autumnal day in April 2015. Over 60 people attended and many more wanted to, but couldn’t fit in!” – Rosemary Clark,
Coordinator, Marketing Hobsons Bay Libraries

“Never in my wildest dreams did I envisage how my short tale of a doomed teenage relationship would give me such a great rush every time I took to the lectern to share it. At a Stereo Stories show, a writer’s words are given greater depth and clarity by the excellent Stereo Stories band.” Writer Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson on the joy of being onstage.

Letter by writer Paul Bateman after being part of Willi Lit Fest 2016.


Audience comments:

Williamstown Literary Festival May 2014

For my money, this was one of the most innovative and moving sessions the Willy Lit Fest has ever hosted. I can’t wait for the next gig.

The format was so good, the range of stories so rich, I really think it could run and run.


Newport Bowls Club, October 2014

The stories were beautifully written – little tweaks and surprises and lots of real emotion. And the musical performances enhanced the stories as well as being really great to listen to on their own. Looking forward to the next one.


Williamstown Library, April 2015

Inspirational, relaxing, motivational, memorable! Venue amazing and timeframe perfect.

Great afternoon that could have gone on for another hour! Lovely, gentle material that was very thought-provoking.

This is not something I would normally associate with a library. Thanks for doing something adventurous. I loved it.


Sunshine Library, September 2015

I love Stereo Stories. You should host them again. I would love a Stereo Stories with a an interpreter (in Vietnamese or Chin).

I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to tell my friends about this :-)

Pleasure. Sheer Pleasure. A perfectly divine way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Williamstown Library, April 2016

Delightful and tender vignettes told with charm and great use of music.
Relaxing, inspirational, a little emotional.
Real stories of moments in time and music’s reflective influence.
Good gig.



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