Here at Stereo Stories we somehow have two Soundcloud stations. (Channels? Platforms? Apps?!)

There are 40 tracks across the two stations. Enough for a double-CD, or a triple album.

We started a few years back with Stereo Stories Radio, where you’ll find 14 tracks. These are mostly 2015 concert recordings, including:

Maria Majsa on tragedy and the Elliot Smith song Between The Bars
Chris Mangan and his multi-song tribute to The Beatles
Nick Gadd on driving lessons, family and suburbia, via Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs
Smokie Dawson on young romance and Before Too Long
Rick Kane on identity, tolerance and Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
Rijn Collins on the dullness of Jackson: the town, not the song!
Zoë Krupka on summer, teenage life in Canberra and Senses Working Overtome.

Then, for reasons known only to a technologically-flummoxed editor, came Stereo Stories In Concert which, just to compound matters further, is mainly studio recordings.

Here you will find Stephen Andrew in his element, with almost a dozen of his own stories, with himself playing the music of MGMT, The Pigram Brothers, Sherbet, Suzi Quatro, The Clash, Bob Seger…

Stephen also backs writers Jock Serong, Smokie Dawson and Zoë Krupka on their stories. (A version of the Jock Serong story about Marlon Williams was recently aired on ABC Radio Melbourne.)

Martina Medica and Dave Barton combine beautifully on Martina’s love story based on the Edith Piaf song Je N’en Connais Pas Le Fin. Martina narrates and sings. Her partner Dave plays gorgeous guitar.

You’ll also find a handful or recordings that are story-only, plus some demo recordings of material we were rehearsing for concerts.

Now, we’re not saying all these tracks are up there with, say, The Basement Tapes (Lord, forbid!) but in this era of podcasts and the like, they will take you into the archives of Stereo Stories.

Put in your earplugs, or pop on your headphones, or crank up the speakers, and tune in.

Stereo Stories Radio
Stereo Stories In Concert

The Stereo Stories Band. Photo by Eric Algra. 2019.

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