We publish evocative, concise stories. Short memoirs based around a song. Non-fiction. Up to  800 words. The shorter the better.

You’re welcome to write about all sorts of songs, including songs that are already here on the site.

Please include song title, a place and a time at the top of the story and, if possible, a link to a good film clip of the song.

We occasionally run poems about songs. See our poetry collection for examples.

As of January 2021 we no longer consider fiction/fan-fiction.

More specific writing guidelines are in our April 2020 post, Towards 500 stories.

Unfortunately we cannot pay contributors (let alone ourselves!).  All writers retain copyright of their stories.

However, we ask that if you re-publish your Stereo Story elsewhere, you credit Stereo Stories as the first site of publication.

Publishers who re-publish work from this site will need written permission from the author who holds copyright. Publishers are also requested to acknowledge Stereo Stories as the original publisher and provide a link to the story.

Reciprocally, we will acknowledge the publication of any story that may have been published elsewhere prior to it being submitted to us.

General enquiries via our Contact page or by emailing editor Vin Maskell at Stereo Stories

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You’re also welcome to write for our partner site Almanac Music. They’re keen publish to your music stories too. Any topic. Any style. (Album reviews, gig reviews, lists, rants, raves, yarns….)

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