Writer Torre DeRoche savours the moment when story meets song.

For the third year running Stereo Stories was delighted to play at the Write Around The Murray Festival in Albury. Our 2018 show, on September 8, was a combination of stories by our ensemble and by two guests of the festival, Chris Hammer and Torre DeRoche. We paid tribute to Aretha Franklin with a short version of Say A Little Prayer and to band member Luke Davies, currently recovering from a stroke, by playing one of his own songs, She Don’t Do Recycling.

The photo of Torre DeRoche above, taken while the band is performing Ben Lee’s Gamble Everything For Love, captures the symmetry of story and song that is Stereo Stories.  Fellow writer Rijn Collins expressed this ever-so-well in an email a few days after the show: “There’s this moment when you hear the Stereo Stories band bring a song you love to life, when you’re at the podium reading your story and the audience is watching and the music starts…and you realise how utterly magical storytelling can be, and how honoured you feel to be doing it, especially in such talented and passionate company.”

Rijn Collins read two stories, Undertow and the show’s finale Crawling King Snake.

Thank you to everyone involved in the the Write Around The Murray Festival. All photos by Luke Hunter.


A natural-born story-teller, Chris Hammer entertained the audience with a hitch-hiking yarn based around Hendrix’s Purple Haze

Peter Maskell, always subtle with his embellishments.


Stephen Andrew and Nils Cusack singing the Wilco song Poor Places.


A pensive Zoe Krupka during her story based around A Good Year For The Roses.


Chris Phillips in full voice during One Direction’s Best Song Ever as writer Martina Medica steps offstage.


Vin Maskell, MC and the show’s director, narrating his story All Things Must Pass.


All photos by Luke Hunter, courtesy of Write Around The Murray.




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