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Stereo Stories writer Lucia Nardo and founding editor Vin Maskell will be hosting a Stereo Stories writing workshop on Saturday morning 6 July at Williamstown Library.

All of us have a story about a song, a place, a time. Music that accompanies our memories of moments in our lives that meant something – large or small. Stereo Stories come from established writers and from everyday people who have a story to tell about a special memory that goes with a piece of music. But how do you make that magical connection between a song, a place, and a time in under 800 words or less? What song do you choose? What memories and emotions do you summon for your story? What’s the trick of pulling it all together?

Come along and find out as Stereo Stories writer and Victoria University writing teacher Lucia Nardo guides you through the steps in a 2-hour writing workshop. Lucia has written, and narrated in our concerts, several moving stories about family and particular songs. She is also the author of Heart To Heart, A Survivor’s Guide to Heart Surgery.

Bookings and more details abut this free event via Hobsons Bay Libraries website.

Lucia, with The Stereo Stories Band. Photo by Eric Algra.



Vin is founding editor of Stereo Stories and director/MC of Stereo Stories In Concert.