Stereo Stories’ debut performance at the Williamstown Literary Festival on Saturday 31 May was warmly received by a very enthusiastic audience.

The performance, held in the old Williamstown Council Chambers (replete with wood panelling, flags and photos of past mayors), featured eight Stereo Stories.

There was pathos in the pieces by Lucia Nardo and Kerrie Soraghan, with both stories (Lilli Marlene and Song Sung Blue) accompanied by the evocative piano accordion playing of 88 year old Salvatore Romita. There was much humour in the stories by Brian Nankervis (We Can Work It Out) and Rijn Collins (Jackson) and a dose of local music history in Ian Carpenter’s account of life as a Beatles fan.

Zoe Krupka’s tale of sensory overload in Canberra finished with a rousing rendition of XTC’s Senses Working Overtime.

‘The format was so good, the range of stories so rich, I really think it could run and run,’ said audience member and playwright Peta Murray. ‘I came home and started on a Stereo Story of my own.’

‘For my money, this was one of the most innovative and moving sessions the Willy Lit Fest has ever hosted,’ said Hugh Jones. ‘I can’t wait for the next gig.’