Three years ago, John Malins flipped the Stereo Stories concept a little by writing about a song he had never heard: The Sun God, written by William G James and Aubrey De Vere.

John knew that his father had sung the song, many many years ago. In the 1930s, in country Victoria. Before John was born. Try as he might, John couldn’t find a recording of the song. Sheet music, yes. The song itself? No.

John concluded his story with: I am sure there are folks out there in the land of Stereo Stories who know about this piece of music, who may even have played it and who may have recorded it. I can’t wait to be enlightened about this mysterious piece of Australian musical history.

A week ago Stereo Stories received an email from a baritone singer, Raphael Hudson: Sorry for the 3 year delay. I finally had a chance to record my rehearsal of this song for a concert I did in Sydney Town Hall before the lockdown. Here’s the Youtube link.

Thank you, Raphael!

John’s Stereo Story from 2017.


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