(For Nick Cave)

The spindly showman

Shuffled on stage

Dressed as black as night

He bowed in front of the audience

Sang his soul right out of sight


With a click of his fingers

His band joined in

Woodwind, brass and bass

A solo duly followed

From the bearded guitar ace


The crowd went wild with abandon

Cheering and stomping their feet

Applause shook the arena

As the fans were given a treat


The spindly showman reached right down

And grabbed a hand in the crowd

He sang straight into a woman’s eyes

She wouldn’t forget how loud


His voice spoke to everyone

Of universal truth

His lyrics, like an elixir

Leading all to the fountain of youth


As the Midnight Man jerked and shook

In what passed as funky dancing

He strutted his stuff from left to right

His fancy pants a prancing


His outrageous moves and his profanity

Entertained in no small measure

The crowd went home happy

Wrapped in a blanket of guilty pleasure


Stereo Story #595

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