Over seven years close to 150 writers have written a total of nearly 500 stories for this website. All those writers have contributed their skills for free.

The musicians and writers who have been part of our 25 or so concerts are paid but it’s hardly even petrol money when you consider the many hours of rehearsals and travel.

Occasional contractors, such as our photographer, graphic designer, website tech, sound engineer, stage manager and videographer have been kind enough to charge less than their usual rates.

Collectively, that’s a lot of goodwill.

Williamstown Literary Festival. June 2018. Photo by Eric Algra.

I’ve never tried crowd funding. (Not enough of a crowd.)

I’ve never applied for grant-funding. (Not enough patience to wade through the jungle-like application processes. It’s an entirely different skill-set.)

I’ve never put a paywall on this site. (The horse bolted long ago.)

But we do have a merch desk. (Yes, it’s a type of crowd-funding, I guess.)

Coffee mugs, T-shirts, journals, phone covers, tote bags…

Open all hours. 24/7, as people say these days. Take a look: The Stereo Stories merch desk

Stereo Stories Merchandise