Coffee mug with Stereo Stories wordingWe’re not big on the hard sell. (Or even the soft sell.)

We don’t have pop-up ‘Donate’ boxes on the website.

We don’t have a paywall. (The horse bolted long ago.)

We don’t do crowd-funding.

We don’t have arts grants (though not for lack of trying).

But if you’re looking for gifts for friends and family (or yourself!) we have online merch, tickets for our Memo show on 9 January, and new books by several of our contributors.

Our merch table is open all hours. Coffee mugs, T-shirts, tote bags, writing journals.

Ticket for our show on Sunday 9 January are available from The Memo Music Hall, St Kilda.

Our photographer Eric Algra has just published Rock’n’Roll City.

You’ll find books by authors Rijn Collins, Bill Arnott, Nick Gadd, Damian Balassone and Michael Leach on the home page of this site. Left hand aisle of the gift shop. (Whoops,left-hand column of the website).

And if you’re looking for second-hand books, we recommend Everybody Knows Books.