Stereo Stories return to The Gallery at Williamstown Library on Sunday 3 April featured three new performance stories and the debut of writer Alan Attwood.

We also took the opportunity to do an impromptu local launch of Jack Gramski’s new five-song CD.

Jack, Stephen, Nick, Lucia, Zoe, Vin. (Alan busy with camera)

Jack, Stephen, Nick, Lucia, Zoe, Vin. (Alan busy with camera)

Jack and Vin Maskell opened the one-hour show with Growin’ Up, the story from 2012 that is effectively the genesis of Stereo Stories.

The Gallery, Williamstown Library. Jack and Vin opening the show.

Nick Gadd and Jack then took us on a tour of the inner-western suburbs, with Nick’s new story, based around driving lessons and The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.

Lucia Nardo also debuted a new piece, her account of seeing The Eagles for the final time. Stephen Andrew weaved Take It Easy throughout.

Lucia hamming it up during the soundcheck.

Lucia hamming it up during the soundcheck.

Alan Attwood made his first appearance on the Stereo Stories stage, accompanied by Stephen on vocals and gorgeous lap-steel guitar. Alan entertained the audience with tales of surviving Las Vegas by listening to the Daniel Lanois song Blackhawk.

Stephen’s own story, about Poor Places by Wilco, showed the healing powers of music.

Jack and Stephen each performed a song of their own, and the show closed with Zoe Krupka taking us to Canberra in the summer of 1982, via Senses Working Overtime.



ThankĀ  you to the audience, of about 50, which gave up a sunny Sunday afternoon.
Comments below are via online Library feedback forms.
Delightful and tender vignettes told with charm and great use of music.
Relaxing, inspirational, a little emotional.
Real stories of moments in time and music’s reflective influence.
Good gig.

Thanks also to: Hobsons Bay Libraries;
Reuben Maskell for mixing the sound;
Alan Attwood for photography.

Details soon on our next shows:
Williamstown Literary Festival (18 June, 90 minutes)
Newport Folk Festival (2 July, 45 minutes)

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