The Stereo Stories Band of writers and musicians during the finale at Williamstown Town Hall. (Absent: writer Nick Gadd, musician Reuben Maskell.)

Many thanks to the 2015 Williamstown Literary Festival for the opportunity to present Stereo Stories in concert in the grand Williamstown Town Hall on Saturday evening 13 June. The show featured ten Stereo Stories, three bonus solo tracks , a short acapella tribute to the late great Joan Kirner (founding patron of the Willy Lit Fest) and a finale with the band romping through Burning Love, Who Do You Love?, The Nips Are Getting Bigger, What’s Going On, and more.

All photos by Megan Fell. Thanks, Megan!

Nick Gadd, Reuben Maskell, Peter Maskell

Nick Gadd, Reuben Maskell, Peter Maskell: Protection by Massive Attack

Jack Gramski and Darren 'Smokie' Dawson

Jack Gramski and Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson: Before Too Long by Paul Kelly

Salvatore Romita

Salvatore Romita: Lili Marlene

Vin and Lucia Nardo

Vin and Lucia Nardo: Lili Marlene

Peter Maskell, and Nick Gadd's backdrop.

Peter Maskell, and Nick Gadd’s backdrop.

Anthony Shortte, Peter, and Stephen Andrew

Anthony Shortte, Peter, and Stephen Andrew

Rick Kane and Anthony Shortte

Rick Kane and Anthony Shortte: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Ian Carpenter

Ian Carpenter: Free As A Bird


Rijn Collins and the band.

Rijn Collins and the band: Jackson

Hugh Jones and the band.

Hugh Jones and the band: Every Time You Walk In The Room

Zoe Krupka and Stephen Andrew.

Zoe Krupka and Stephen Andrew.

Zoe Krupka and Jack Gramski.

Zoe Krupka and Jack Gramski: Senses Working Overtime

Jack, Shortte andf Stephen.

Jack, Shortte and Stephen in the tribute to Joan Kirner: I Love Rock And Roll.