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Our next show is a 90 minute concert on September 18, 2021 at Albury Entertainment Centre, as part of Write Around The Murray. Our fifth year in Albury! More details soon.

Then we’ll be at The Memo Music Hall in St Kilda on Sunday afternoon 14 November, with guests Brian Nankervis, Carmel Bird and Danny Katz. Lots of details via the Memo Music Hall.

Our first show for 2021 was on Saturday evening 8 May at The Capital Theatre, Bendigo, in central Victoria. We performed a 75-minute concert as part of the Bendigo Writers Festival. Lots of pics.


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Every so often you come across a song which can demolish you; take you down in slow-mo, floor by floor like an old hotel, ending in a puff of plaster and dust. Maria Majsa, writing about Between The Bars by Elliot Smith.