Photo for album cover of 2003 Dream

Photo for album cover of 2003 Dream

David Oke
The Dancing Dog, Footscray, May 2015 

In May 2015 my wife Heather and I were at a bar in Footscray called The Dancing Dog for the launch of the new EP, Legitimate, by a band called Jarrow.

Jarrow is our older son, Dan, and that night he was playing with his full band rather than performing his quirky and clever compositions solo – bass, drums, and rhythm guitar backing him on lead guitar and lead vocal.

The genre is indie garage punk, not everyone’s cup of tea. Triple J Unearthed had picked up his song Last Monday and was playing it regularly. The room was packed with a crowd of friends and fans in their late teens. The atmosphere was terrific. It warmed our parental hearts that the audience were not only really excited to hear Last Monday, but were singing along with it.

Heather and I grinned and looked at each other through the night, as if to say, ‘How did all this happen?’ ‘Is he really that good?’ and ‘Who would have believed this?’

Daniel had loved music from a very early age. He adored the Wiggles and wanted to be a Wiggle till he was about six years old. Travelling along in the car he would be tapping his knees in time to the music but was very fussy. We still laugh about the fact that we were playi