We never had one single song we called

our own though you would sing me melodies —

strange, made-up punk rock ditties that enthralled

me with their amorous atrocities.

You sang of queers who fucked in Nazi camps,

of eggs averting birth to save the world,

of horror films where killers wore no pants

so they could run free. And though not the worst

part of our on-again off-again ways,

the latest loss of you stings me anew

as if a rare LP, worn by replays,

was lost or scratched beyond repair. It’s true

I know these songs by heart, sides A and B,

but who can play a solo symphony?


Stereo Story #522

Sonnet 33 1/3 is part of Drew’s book Infinity Standing Up

Drew Pisarra is the author of Publick Spanking, a collection of short stories published by Future Tense, and Infinity Standing Up, a collection of queer sonnets published by Capturing Fire. He is also one half of Saint Flashlight, an ongoing literary activation project with Molly Gross that finds inventive ways to get poetry into public spaces. You can buy Drew's book Infinity Standing Up on Amazon. Drew tweets at @mistermysterio