We’re off to Albury once again, courtesy of the Write Around The Murray Festival. This will be our fourth year crossing the border, ever since Wangaratta musician Luke Davies said to the WAM director a few months before the 2016 festival, “Hey, there’s this show I saw in Melbourne about songs and stories…”

We’ll be at Albury on Saturday 14 September. Gracing the stage at the Library Museum will be writers Arnold Zable, Toni Jordan, Melanie Mununggurr-Williams, Aimee Chan, Rijn Collins, Stephen Andrew and Hugh Jones.

The Stereo Stories Band will be accompanying the writers’ stories with songs by The Beatles, The Killers, The Warumpi Band, The Clash, Culture Club, Dylan, Roberta Flack, WAR, and more.

Tickets, which include a two-course meal, wine and canapes, are already selling quickly. Seating is limited.

More details right here.


Photo by Eric Algra.