Australian summers can get pretty hot, especially in January. Imagine, then, landing in this strange land from the winter of the northern hemisphere.

Zoe Krupka was only 15 years old and trying to make sense of a new life.

When we hit the tarmac in Sydney, my parents, my sister and me were greeted with an honour guard of insecticidal spray cans to stop us from bringing in foreign bugs. Landing in Canberra on a Sunday was something else altogether. You could have landed a spaceship in the centre of Canberra in the 1980’s and no one would have noticed. I sat by the pool in our hotel for a blazing 15 minutes, jet lagged and freaked out, and proceeded to get the first of many heart-stoppingly severe sunburns…

Rewind your cassette player and re-live Zoe’s first Australian summer.

I work as a lecturer, feminist psychotherapist, writer and supervisor in Melbourne, Australia. I was once a DJ.