Rijn Collins. Photo by Eric Algra.

Rijn Collins has been part of our concerts since we started in 2014, and will be  at our  Williamstown Literary Festival show on Saturday 16 June, followed by the Glen Eira Story Telling Festival on Friday 29 June.

An experienced public reader of her work, here and overseas, on air and onstage, Rijn knows how to pace and pause a story, how to leave room for the musicians to enter a story gracefully.

She understands and appreciates the tide of story and song that makes our concerts so distinctive.

Here she is at the Willi Lit Fest two years ago, via YouTube. Take a look. Have a listen.

Note: tickets for our 2018 show at Willi Lit Fest go on sale from Monday 14 May via the Willi Lit Fest website.

Rijn is an Australian writer whose work has been published in numerous anthologies and literary journals, presented at festivals, and adapted for performance on Australian and American radio. In April 2016 she won the inaugural Sara Award For Audio Fiction. Rijn is part of Stereo Stories In Concert.