In the second of our Rewind series, we re-visit Nathan Johnson’s piece about visiting North Korea in 2013.

In the evenings your group is confined to your hotel. You have few entertainment options, but the hotel karaoke lounge is open, empty and even has Western songs. You look through the song list and make your selection. It’s only later – in fact, after you’ve left the country – that you realise the irony of opting to sing Everybody Wants To Rule The World in North Korea.

Rewind to North Korea and Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Based in Canberra, Nathan is a public servant who'd rather write short stories and novels. He has self-published two books - 'The Watermelon Seller: Short Stories of East Asia' (2011) and '16 Ways to Ride a Bicycle' (2015) - through Peacock Publications.