Here and there, then and now.

My first recollection in stereo was listening to The Beatles, in the corridor, a part of the primary school I knew well. I heard every sound and felt every word. Yesterday resonates.

Finally had enough money to buy my first record. One Cream record equated to 960 aluminium cans collected at the local tip. That’s 960 times Sunshine.

Life on the river, people rarely understood me. Transistor radio, Rod and Imagine. In just a few short years I could be doing something I don’t believe in. Misunderstood, ostracised for questioning.

Along came Sunbury, Queen telling you to keep yourself alive. Ha, tried everything but. Mackenzie Theory taught me Out Of The Blue. You can paint words with music alone.

Now at a record bar. Selling records. Meeting famous soulful people. Granite Flat changed that, and a past life. It was disco time.

Music is a business, boy, go back to school. Someday this business will be yours my boy. Music is Money and Money will keep you alive. The day the music died.

At 23 this is now yours my boy, a f—-g big debt, a family to feed and working 80 hours a week. Biggest Record Bar in Town. The Music Guru.

Just a f—–g job. Need the money to pay everybody.

Golden Year 50. Walls Crash, take my cash. And you thought you took my f—-g soul. Hidden for 30 years. Back to the river to find my soul.

Schooltime girlfriend took me by the hand. Both on the scale, then we both understood.

Gave her my all, and she Gave Love A Bad Name, while a Landslide brought me down. A means to an end. No trust.

Don’t Trust, Don’t Read the Palm Of Your Hand. The Soul is Back, Rediscovering the Blues. Music has Soul. Did you hear records are back? That what’s been missing since ’84.

Now in my 60s you think I’m alone now, I meet people looking for the Lama, the Cosmos, “What is Life” and Santa’s not real.

A song from my childhood. Melanie’s Beautiful People resonates in my head. Block out the world. It is not real.

And every now and then a ray of sunshine provides trust and a smile. The journey: there are others as crazy and as misunderstood.

While your future is shorter, you now know that while Most People Think I Am Crazy, others are at the same Crossroads.

We’re not Another Brick in the Wall.


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