The internet, 2 December 2021

We played our first Zoom gig this week. Twenty or so people tuned in, including several from overseas.

There was some chit-chat with people new to what we do, three stories, two delightful jazz poems, and heaps of goodwill.

Bill Arnott

We set up in the loungeroom of Stereo Stories HQ: one acoustic guitarist (Peter Maskell), three singers (Peter, Chris Phillips, and Julie Merritt), two narrators (Julie, and Vin Maskell). And Canadian writer/jazz poet Bill Arnott, beaming in from Vancouver. Plus lamps, lights, curtains, music stands, and Wi-fi. And a lot of fingers crossed.

It all came about due to the enthusiasm of Josie Gibson, who saw a Stereo Stories shindig as an uplifting way to conclude a tough year for the members of The Catalyst Network and Catalyst FX.

Thank you, Josie, for taking us into the unknown.