December 31 2019, 11:59pm
Beyond the Valley Festival, Lardner Park. Warragul, Victoria.

The last minute of a decade.

A minute where my senses absorb more of what’s around me than they do at any other point in a year.

The score for this moment is being provided by Rufus Du Sol’s No Place.

The lyrics ring out, Theres no place Id rather be.

At that time, 11.59pm, it feels no truer words have been spoken.

Lasers and confetti cannons intoxicate the senses, while around me couples and friends share their love for another with interlocking lips.

This moment of human interaction is unrivalled in its purity.

For just one moment in time you are here for the now, and are filled with hope of what’s to come.

The euphoria of midnight at a festival is unique in its camaraderie.

A sense of isolation from the outside world, it feels as though the people by your side were not meant to be anywhere but where they are right now.

No Place starts to fade out, and the unmistakable synth opening of Innerbloom begins to play.

Just like the alcohol already pumping through me, this song has a way of entering my bloodstream from the first sip.

Lyrics are few in this track, but every word feels like they have been spoken just for you. If you want me, If you need me, Im yours.

Every sonic chord almost seems therapeutic in their rhythm, painting an electronic ambience with each drop.

Each time I hear this song live, I am reminded of its power over me.

Combining that feeling with the high of New Year’s  Eve, it’s an ecstasy no drug could provide.



I am a journalism graduate with a love of footy, festivals and having a yarn. I currently work for the Williamstown VFL’s media department, and have had my writing published through multiple platforms over my short career.