Brian Nankervis and The Stereo Stories Band. October 2014. Photo by Nick Gadd. Brian’s last show with us was Lit Fest ’16. He returns to the Stereo Stories stage on 16 June.

Tickets for our show at the Williamstown Literary Festival on Saturday evening 16 June are now on sale, via the festival’s website, old-fashioned telephone, and – remarkable in this day and (digital) age – in person. More details.

So, what’s in store? Here’s a preview of some of the stories.  More previews over the next few weeks.


“Sometimes salvation can be found in the unlikeliest of songs. I find the one I want in the playlist, the one you call your dancing song, and turn it up loud.” Martina Medica on One Direction. Martina will be making her Stereo Stories debut at the Williamstowen Town Hall.

“My young son’s musical ears were first opened the day we picked up a couple of hitchhikers on the way to St Andrews market.” Stephen Andrew on Cornershop.

“On the way to meet the minister to finalise Dad’s funeral I listened to Bob Dylan’s masterpiece, the Blonde On Blonde album.” Brian Nankervis. Which song from Blonde On Blonde?

“OMG. WTF? OTT. LOL. There are not enough 3-letter abbreviations in the English language to describe just how brilliantly deranged this song is. Once heard, never forgotten.” Andy Griffiths. Which song? Which band?

Andy Griffiths in action at the Newport Bowls Club, November 2017. Photo by Michael Nolan.

“The penguin was sick. Very sick. I tried to soothe it by singing Madonna songs. All of them.” Emilie Zoey Baker. Which songs will the band play?

Emilie Zoe Baker, a poet who has performed around the world, joins Stereo Stories for the first time. With a story about an ailing penguin.

“I’m driving my son to his mate’s house and he’s flicking through stations on the car radio, trying to find a decent pop song to listen to – something that doesn’t sound like it was composed using sampled microwave keypad beeps.” Danny Katz on a golden oldie. Danny was part of our show at Write Around The Murray ’17, in Albury. We’re delighted he’s joining us for Lit Fest ’18.

Meanwhile, The Stereo Stories Band is rehearsing the songs and learning their cues, turning the writers’ memoirs into Stereo Stories.

Photo by Eric Algra. Geelong Library, February 2016


Finally, folks – if you’ve never seen one of our shows, pop over to our YouTube channel.