Jack Gramski and Vin Maskell were talking and singing Stereo Stories on ABC 774 on Wednesday night 13 April 2016, courtesy of the Lindy Burns evening program.

We chatted about the origins of Stereo Stories (Vin hearing Jack singing Growin’ Up while busking, in 2012) and about how everyone has at least one Stereo Story in their life, one songs that makes them laugh or cry or cringe.

Jack and Vin then performed an edited version of Darren Smokie Dawson’s story about Before Too Long.

Many thanks to ABC 774, the Lindy Burns evening program, and Alan Attwood,a regular guest of the Lindy Burns program and recent addition to the Stero Stories Live ensemble.

Jack and Vin, along with Zoe Krupka and Stephen Andrew were also on ABC 774’s Friday Revue program on Friday 17 June 2016. We chatted with hosts Brian Nankervis and Richelle Hunt about music and memoir and our sold out show on Saturday 18 June at the Williamstown Literary Festival. We performed short versions of the Growin Up and Senses Working Overtime stories. Thank you Brian, thank you Richelle.

Vin and Jack at a recent rehearsal. Photo by Alan Attwood.

Vin and Jack at a recent rehearsal. Photo by Alan Attwood.