Melbourne, Then

When I was with you I felt like Paul Westerberg
Yearning, hopeful, bruised but romantic
Singing Big Star songs on the tram

I screamed along, alone, to Unsatisfied to fill the terrible silence of two empty years
I quoted Bastards of Young to my shrink to explain why I always loved people who didn’t love me

And ignored the ones who did

You danced alone to Little Mascara
Getting off before you even met me
Achin to Be something more than you are

Together we danced to Androgynous in your living room
Me in my tight black Laura Jane Grace jeans
You in whatever would fit
And you were so perfect I couldn’t breathe…


Christian’s Spotify playlist for his poem


Christian Brimo is a slam poet and ex-music journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of his poems on YouTube and Instagram.