Image courtesy of Glen Eira Storytelling Festival

Fresh from our recent  big night out in Williamstown, we’re crossing the Westgate Bridge for our first show at the Glen Eira Storytelling Festival: this Friday evening, 29 June.

It’s a stellar cast of emerging and established writers, plus the ever-versatile Stereo Stories Band.

Our guest writers are Tony Birch, Melanie Cheng, Arnold Zable, Danny Katz and Jenny Valentish (all pictured above in Brady Bunch style). They’ll be joining the Stereo Stories writers’ entourage of Andy Griffiths, Lucia Nardo, Rijn Collins,  Martina Medica and Zoe Krupka.

Tickets available online.

To whet your appetite, here are some photos from our show at the Williamstown Literary Festival on 16 June. All photos by Eric Algra.

Danny Katz, with Peter Maskell and Chris Phillips.


Rijn Collins, narrating a love story based on a Cohen song.


A well-disguised Andy Griffiths getting a little crazy during his tribute to The Osmonds. Jack Gramski enjoying the moment.


The finale. Williamstown Literary Festival, 16 June 2018.