Our partner site, Almanac Music, publishes various types of music stories: album reviews, gig reviews, best-of lists, sport and music yarns. And sometimes, like here at Stereo Stories, reflections about a particular song.

J Negri’s recent story looks at Dolly Parton’s Coat Of Many Colours while also looking at grief, vulnerability, singing, persona, tassles and spangles.

Here’s an extract:

It is her voice that is like a fishing hook that catches in my sea of emotion. Her voice is as natural as a bubbling brook that flows from a trickle to a waterfall, from quiet to strong and back again. It is completely unaffected, unforced and pure. She simply opens her mouth and out it comes. No trick of the light or smoke and mirrors there. Just out it pours, ringing true.

And here’s the full story.