Peter Maskell and Anthony Shortte. Photo by Eric Algra. Geelong Library, 2016.


Anthony Shortte came into the orbit of The Stereo Stories Band via his high-school mate and fellow musician Peter Maskell. Shorty (as he is commonly known) brought a wealth of experience to our shows, having been part of the original blues trio Collards Greens and Gravy for many years.

“He’s a drummer/writer / performer / stay at home dad / valued contributor, ” says Peter. “He’s an ARIA award winning blues and roots percussionist, a unique drummer who has developed his own heel toe / hi-hat kickdrum. And, of course, a long time friend.”

Band member Luke Davies: “Shorty is one of the go-to drummers and percussionists held in high regard around the place. He has the all important ability to play softly when needed and to try things differently. His style and setup is unusual. I never seen a drummer like Shorty. It was real pleasure, a privilege, to play some shows with him.”

“He’s a great band kinda guy,” says bass player Rob Gador. “He listens a lot to the emotion of a story, a song and the performance – and uses this to dial in his drum parts. And it was nice to hear him read out