Fresno, CA. Saturday, May 11, 2019

thwarted love (re)connection (part 5)


the next morning, I woke up

at Ethan and his girlfriend’s



I tried to text Laura to

ask if she made it home

okay but my phone was

inoperable from the

water damage the day before.


as we sat on the couch,

Ethan told me about the

time he took Laura on vacation

to Miami after we first broke up.


hearing this, my stomach

turned; I thought I was going to

be sick. I suppressed

my jealousy and I

walked into the other room.


while I got dressed, I was

attacked with an onslaught

of negative emotions

from all these setbacks

to reuniting with Laura.


“I can’t take it anymore!”

I yelled out. “I need

to hear some music!”


“play some music then!”

his girlfriend answered

back from down the hall.


an old boom box with

cd cases stacked on top was

set on a shelf inside the room.

I shuffled through the cases

but I didn’t recognize

any of the artists.


I wanted to play a song to

correspond perfectly

with how I felt

at that exact moment.


I then noticed the disc

already in the player.

I pressed play and a

song started up.


it sounded like a track

from a

Burial EP.



Stereo Story#685

PJ Grollet is the scribe for the five-volume series, The Book of Dreams and has been published in Horror Sleaze Trash, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, āraśi, and Bare Back Magazine.