Almanac Music is a partner site to Stereo Stories. It runs stories beyond our narrative focus of  ‘a song, a place, a time’.

Here’s how a recent story  begins:

There is much conjecture and disagreement about the trajectory of Paul Weller and friends, the evolution of The Jam from punkish to mod to pop to pastiche, ending in the Style Council, of which I was never a fan (you can tell a Weller woman by the way she wears her hair etc).

It came to me as I drove home this morning from school. On the way there, Town Called Malice propelled us forward in a finger clicking head nodding door thumping Billy Elliott shuffle of defiance and daring.

Then, the girls got out and I dialled up Bitterest Pill, that cascade of shimmery chords never failing to grab my heart, water my eyes.

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