Grand Finale: writers, band and audience enjoy a rollicking version of Cats In The Cradle at the tail of Danny Katz’s hilarious story about parenting.

The planets all aligned for a mighty fine show at the 2018 Williamstown Literary Festival on Saturday evening 16 June. Thank you to the band, the writers, the production crew and the 400-strong audience. Photos by Eric Algra.

Rijn Collins

“You slide a CD into the car stereo. ‘This is Cohen,’ you say. I turn towards you, my hands out to catch the falling words.”  Rijn Collins on the Leonard Cohen song Undertow. She was accompanied by Stephen Andrew on vocals and guitar.

Stephen Andrew


Brian Nankervis

“On the way to meet the minister to finalise Dad’s funeral I listened to Bob Dylan’s masterpiece, the Blonde On Blonde album.” The Stereo Stories  Band backed Brian’s touching story with a tender version of Sooner Or Later One Of Must Know, the final song of the album. Brian also narrated a story by band member Stephen Andrew about Stephen’s appearance on RocKwiz in 2013.

Peter Maskell and Chris Phillips dueting on Stop Dragging My Heart Around.


Martina Medica

“Sometimes salvation can be found in the unlikeliest of songs. I find the one I want in the playlist, the one you call your dancing song, and turn it up loud.” Martina Medica made her Stereo Stories debut with a piece about parenting and Best Song Ever by One Direction.

Andy Griffiths and band.

Andy Griffiths takes Stereo Stories into another dimension as he dances like a crazy horse during his story about Crazy Horses, a heavy hunk of heavy metal magic by The Osmonds. Yes, The Osmonds. “OMG. WTF? OTT. LOL. There are not enough 3-letter abbreviations in the English language to describe just how brilliantly deranged this song is. Once heard, never forgotten.”

Andy Griffiths unmasked. Note: blue horse tail.


Emilie Zoe Baker

“The penguin was sick. Very sick. I tried to soothe it by singing Madonna songs. All of them.” Emilie Zoey Baker

Chris Phillips singing jazz/swing on the Madonna medley.

Jack Gramski. State Trooper.


Cherish the moment.

Drummer Anthony Shortte narrates guitarist Peter Maskell’s tribute to David Cassidy

Danny Katz closing the show with Cats In The Cradle

Writers and band sing along to the Cats In The Cradle finale.

Eight writers. Six musicians. An MC. A stage manager. 13 stories. 16 songs. Many hours of rehearsals. See you next time.

Rehearsing the finale just before the audience arrived.




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