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Stereo Stories in concert 2017

After selling out shows in Wangaratta (February), Williamstown (June) and Albury (September), our final concert for 2017 is at the Newport Bowls Club on Saturday evening 25 November, in conjunction with the Newport Fiddle & Folk Club. Performers include writers Andy Griffiths, Rick Kane, Nick Gadd and Rijn Collins, NFFC’s Chris Phillips, Jack Gramski and Julie Merritt, and – of course – The Stereo Stories Band. Tickets at the door. $15

Our next show is at Albury on Saturday 16 September, part of the Write Around The Murray Festival.

Our first show for 2017 was a 90 minute concert on Saturday 18 February in Wangaratta, northern Victoria.

Thank you to the 400 lovers of story and song who came along to our show at the Williamstown Literary Festival on Saturday 17 June. Here are a few pics from the big night.

It was a treat to be invited back to Albury in September for the Write Around The Murray Festival. 

Stereo Stories in concert 2016

On Sunday 7 February we took The High Ground at the exciting new Geelong Library.

Our one-hour show on  Sunday 3 April at Williamstown Library featured three new performance stories and an informal, impromptu launch of Jack Gramski’s new CD.

We then played (and filmed for YouTube) a 90 minute show to a packed house of 250 people at the Williamstown Literary Festival on 18 June 2016, followed a fortnight later with a 45-minute midday gig at  the delightful  Newport Folk Festival.

In September we played  a two-hour dinner show at Write Around The Murray, Albury

Our final show for  2016 was a one-hour concert on Sunday 20 November at the Word for Word Festival in Geelong

Stereo Stories in concert 2015

April  Stereo Stories performed a one-hour set at the Williamstown Library.  A full house of 60 people enjoyed nine Stereo Stories, including several new pieces, in The Gallery. See Live at The Library!

May  Stereo Stories was part of the 2015 Newstead Short Story Tattoo. We performed a half-hour set at Fire Stories, at the Newstead Racecourse. To slightly reword Michael Nesmith, we were standing in the lovely light of the silver moon, looking over maps of memories for the road. See Fires and a full moon at Newstead.

June   Stereo Stories performed a two-hour set at the Williamstown Town Hall, courtesy of  the 2015 Williamstown Literary Festival. The show featured ten Stereo Stories, three bonus solo tracks , a short acapella tribute to the late great Joan Kirner (founding patron of the Willy Lit Fest) and a dance-bracket finale. See Stereo Stories hits high notes at Willy Lit Fest.

Early July 45 minute bracket at the Newport Folk Festival in Melbourne. See Plenty of fun at Newport Folk Festival

Late July
90 minute bracket at Victoria University. The evening was hosted by the university’s Professional Writing & Editing course. See A good night for the roses at VU.

September Stereo Stories performed at Sunshine Library on Saturday afternoon 12 September, 2015, part of the Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival. The performance space was the children’s section of the library, so toddlers were coming and going, looking for books or mum or dad, or just wanting to play on the primary-coloured furniture. It was a very enjoyable hour of music and memoir.

Stereo Stories in concert 2014

Stereo Stories’ debut performance was at the Williamstown Literary Festival in late May 2014. Eight Stereo Stories in the old council chambers.

It was quickly followed by a gig at the Newport Folk Festival in early July 2014. Six Stereo Stories in the old scout hall, with log-fire burning.

The Stereo Stories Band of writers and musicians then played at the Newport Bowls Club in Melbourne on Sunday 19 October 2014. Fifteen Stereo Stories, including some bonus tracks! More details.

Listen to Houndog at the Newport Bowls Club.

Listen to Senses Working Overtime at the Newport Bowls Club.


Stereo Stories concerts are based around stories that, mostly, are first published on this website. For performace, the stories are edited to make room for The Stereo Stories Band to weave in and out of the narration of the story by the writer. Several writers have been part of our shows since our debut in 2014. Some have been invited for particular concerts. Others have been invited by writers festivals to be part of our show.

Stephen Andrew
Paul Bateman
Tony Birch
Clare Boyd-Macrae
Anson Cameron
Ian Carpenter
Rijn Collins
Luke R Davies
Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson
Nick Gadd
Andy Griffiths
Jane Harrison
Hugh Jones
Rick Kane
Danny Katz
Zoe Krupka
Emily Maguire
Maria Majsa
Vin Maskell (MC)
Brian Nankervis
Lucia Nardo
Matthew Naqvi
Debra Oswald
Steph Payne
Fiona Price
Kerrie Soraghan
Markus Zusak