$$ Spoilers $$ by Jarrow

David Oke The Dancing Dog, Footscray, May 2015 Heather and I grinned and looked at each other through the night, as if to say, ‘How did all this happen?’ ‘Is our son really this good?’ and ‘Who would have believed this?’

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Jesus Christ Pose by Soundgarden

Imogen Knight Home, Melbourne, 1991; The Palais, St Kilda, 2015 Suddenly my teenage self was attracted to boys in flannel shirts with shoulder length curls. Life was full of highs. All feelings were momentous. If grunge was the promise, apparently love was the destination.

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Alive by Pearl Jam

Jeff Dowsing Fairfield and other Melbourne locations, 1998 The meaning of the song was lost on me until that moment, when it belted me in the face before the chorus punched me in the guts.

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