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Originally from NZ, I spent the 80s in London working at Penguin Books [editorial assistant], living in squats and seeing loads of bands. Back home I was a scriptwriter for a local soap, Shortland Street, and have written features for blogs and magazines.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John

Maria Majsa 21 Swan Crescent, Pakuranga 1974 Under all the fairy floss, trouble is lurking. There are wrong turns, regrets, situations that are easier to run from than face. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is about escape and it wasn’t lost on me that the first place I heard it was my favourite place to escape to

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Falling And Laughing by Orange Juice

Maria Majsa Hammersmith Palais, London 1980 After all the attitude and swagger of punk, here was a band with the courage to be vulnerable. And while admitting to vulnerability is never comfortable or easy, it is necessary for real human connection.

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Penny Lane by The Beatles

Maria Majsa Pakuranga, Auckland 1967 There is a radio in a brown leather case on the bench. My mother turns it on during the day when my father has left for work and the house feels different.

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He Doesn’t Know Why by Fleet Foxes

Maria Majsa Auckland, New Zealand, early 1970s Western Springs College, Auckland 2012 Inheritances run in families like a seam through generations; swallowed hopes and ambitions which sometimes find their full expression decades later.

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Totally Wired by The Fall

Maria Majsa The Marquee, Wardour Street, London 1984 I headed for the place I’d seen him last, but all I found was blood on the floor. People had scrambled through it leaving sticky prints in every direction, like a contaminated crime scene.

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