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Nick write essays about Melbourne, history, literature, music and suburban life. His work has appeared in various publications including The Guardian, Griffith Review, Elsewhere: A Journal of Place, Melbourne Subjective, Eureka Street, , the literary site Sacred Trespasses and Writer’s Edit.

Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard

Nick Gadd Torquay, England, August 1985 Romance was everywhere that summer. Lads from the kitchen wooed the waitresses by carrying out their water jugs. Judy, who loved the kitchen-hand, bought him an expensive knife to help him in his career. I was besotted by Scottish Clare.

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The Suburbs by Arcade Fire

Nick Gadd Sunday afternoon, Altona, September 2015 We tape the L-plates to the windscreen and back window. Gen eases her way into the driver’s seat . I give instructions, trying to invest my voice with the gravitas of an airline pilot, more to calm my own nerves than hers.

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The Sidewinder by Lee Morgan

Nick Gadd London, 11p.m., December 1987 I didn’t have money for new records so I resorted to Peckham Public Library, whose music collection was free of the shoegazing guitar bands I preferred. I was forced to explore other genres .

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Nick Gadd Lounge room, Yarraville. One a.m. February 1996 Unlike the nurses in the maternity ward, who handle babies with the dexterity of waiters carrying plates in busy restaurants (two babies asleep on one arm, another on the shoulder for burping) new parents are tentative and full of doubts.

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