Stereo Stories is  music and memoir,  narrative and melody, story and song.

 Take a song, a place and a time, and you may well have a Stereo Story: a short memoir inspired by a piece of music: pop, country, jazz, rock, punk, classical, electro, disco…

We love good words.

If you have some, send us a story.

Stereo Stories In Concert is writers and musicians, on stage together. A unique creative collaboration, Stereo Stories In Concert features writers narrating their stories about songs, accompanied –at various points in the story – by musicians playing those songs.


Stereo Stories began as a solo album, so to speak, in 2012. Back then it was a dozen or so stories under the name of  One Song  At A Time, because each story is usually about just one song.

The Stereo Stories website began in January 2013 and has slowly built up a stable of writers and their stories. Some writers are professionals, some are just starting out. All are keen to write about music from a personal, but not indulgent, perspective.

In May 2014 Stereo Stories had its first gig, at the Williamstown Literary Festival. Eight writers, accompanied by The Stereo Stories Band, read their stories to an appreciative audience in the old Williamstown Council Chambers. This performance was followed by a six-story session  just up the road at the Newport Folk Festival in early July 2014.

In mid July 2014 Stereo Stories gained Australia-wide  coverage with a 20 minute segment on ABC Radio National.

Stereo Stories In Concert is now very much part and parcel of our way of presenting music and memoir. See our Gig guide for more details.


Many thanks to Stephen Andrew, Gina Perry,  and to The Footy Almanac’s John Harms and James Demetrie for support, encouragement and advice.

And heartfelt thanks, forever, to Julie.


– Vin Maskell, Melbourne, Australia.  September 2014.