Stereo Stories in concert

Our next gig is a 90 minute dinner show at Write Around The Murray, Albury, on Saturday evening, 10 September. It’ll be our first interstate concert and is shaping up as a delightful evening of music and memoir, with guest writers including Anson Cameron (author of the memoir Boyhoodlum) and Debra Oswald (co-writer of Offspring).

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“Stereo Stories has emerged from a melting pot of writers and musicians to become one of the most interesting ways for people to enjoy, understand, and connect with the live performance of songs that have been pivotal in people’s lives. The writing is as polished as the musicians are professional, and I have no hesitation in recommending Stereo Stories as a performance piece for a festival, an afternoon’s entertainment, or as the centre piece of an arts exhibition.” – Michael Stewart, Director, Newport Folk Festival , Melbourne

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Tell us a story, a Stereo Story

We publish well-written, evocative, concise stories about ‘a song, a place, a time’.

You’re welcome to write about all sorts of songs, including songs that are already here on the site.

How many words? Up to 800, thanks.

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“A song’s not a song without a bit of your life wrapped around it.” Steven Carroll, The Art Of The Engine Driver (p248)

Holidays In The Sun by The Sex Pistols

Maria Majsa
Back bedroom, Pakuranga, Auckland 1978

I held the popsicle to my left ear while my brother stabbed away at my right. It was a warm day and I could feel the popsicle oozing down my neck. Blood and raspberry, an indistinguishable mess.

Everything You Can Think Of Is True by Tom Waits

In April this year Rijn Collins won the New York-based Sarah Award For Audio Fiction, for her story Almost Flamboyant. The piece, inspired by Tom Waits and a stuffed flamingo, is not a Stereo Story but here she tells how she came to write and record Almost Flamboyant. Congratulations, Rijn on winning the inaugural Sarah Award.

…Jacek Koman owned that studio. He snarled, sang, and sneered. I had never before watched a character of mine brought to life, off the page and into the room. The experience was intoxicating….

In concert in Albury: book now

Stereo Stories in concert makes its first foray interstate, with a 90 minute show in Albury on Saturday evening, 10 September.

The Stereo Stories Band will be backing stories written and narrated by festival guests Anson Cameron, Jane Harrison, Debra Oswald, and Phillip Murray, plus Stereo Stories’ very own Rijn Collins, Vin Maskell, Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson and Paul Bateman.

You Were Always On My Mind by Elvis Presley

Carl Dickens
Footscray, Melbourne, 2015

Annika sulked in her room; she figured someone had run Wolfgang over in the street and just chucked him in a bin. She blared Elvis Presley songs from her stereo and told of how she and Wolfgang used to sit outside together and listen to The King.

Houston We Have A Problem by The Gooch Palms

Ethan Andrews
The Standard, Darlinghurst, Sydney
January 17, 2013

To clear my conscience I needed to make amends and I had to do it the only way a 19-year-old searching for an anonymous stranger knows how. On Facebook.

Under The Milky Way by The Church

Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson
Newport, Melbourne 1992

As the opening chords of Under the Milky Way softly made their way through the speakers, I asked the woman with whom I was planning to spend the rest of my life to dance with me. “I like this,” she whispered.

Sea of Joy by Blind Faith

Bruce Jenkins
Bentleigh East, Melbourne, 1969

How different from tinny snatches of tunes captured from passing transistors: like smells drifting from strangers’ kitchens. This time I would actually hear an album on a real stereo.

Never My Love by The Association

Laura Grace Weldon
Ohio living room,1970

Supervising little kids’ baths was one of my dad’s chores in the parental division of duties, so he’d sit on the toilet lid singing and strumming the guitar while we played in the tub.

Sanu Ik Pal Chen Na Ave (I cannot find a moment’s peace) by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Azlan Jahan, post 1947-48 Kashmiri War
Fiction by Zainab Nasim

The gramophone resounds in the galleries of the haveli, stirring it awake. As the needle twirled around delicately on the vinyl, he closed his eyes softly settling comfortably into his rocking chair with his stack of letters and a lit cigar.

“It is not like I am not proud to be a martyr’s father, Bittoo ,” he said to his grandson.

Into the mystic of Newport: Stereo Stories in concert

Newport, Melbourne
Saturday 2 July, 2016

Stereo Stories performed a 45-minute bracket at the 2016 Newport Folk Festival in Melbourne on Saturday 2 July. We were the first cab off the rank, with a midday gig on the festival’s main stage at the Newport Bowls Club. Take a look, folks.