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Grand Finale at Williamstown Literary Festival, 16 June 2018: writers, band and audience enjoy a rollicking version of Cats In The Cradle at the tail of Danny Katz's hilarious story about parenting. Photo by Eric Algra.

Our next show is at Write Around The Murray Festival in Albury, Saturday 8 September (for the third year running).

Many thanks to the audiences who came along to our back-to-back concerts at the Williamstown Literary Festival and the Glen Eira Story Telling Festival in June. Here's a photo essay of the show at Williamstown.

We are exploring other possibilities and wish we could make dreams come true for an Instagram follower who’s keen for us to come to Sydney and a New Zealand reader who’d like to celebrate her 40th birthday with a Stereo Stories gig across the Tasman. You never know...



Markus Zusak, author (The Book Thief): "Stereo Stories feels like the perfect way to make a writers festival that extra bit more special. The personal stories entwined with the songs transcends any other event I’ve been involved with. I bloody loved every moment, and left just wanting more." Markus was part of our show at the 2017 Williamstown Literary Festival, where he and The Stereo Stories Band channelled Crime In The City by Neil Young.

Andy Griffiths, author (The Treehouse Series): “Stereo Stories is the perfect blend of words, story and music. The writers’ stories are powerfully supported and enhanced by the amazingly versatile and evocative Stereo Stories band through a whole range of emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and most importantly, you’ll hear each song with fresh ears and new meaning.” Andy was part of our shows at the Williamstown Literary Festival in 2016 and 2017, and the Newport Bowls Club in 2017.

“Stereo Stories has emerged from a melting pot of writers and musicians to become one of the most interesting ways for people to enjoy, understand, and connect with the live performance of songs that have been pivotal in people’s lives. ” – Michael Stewart, Director, Newport Folk Festival, Melbourne

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Postcard designed by Chris Rees

Every so often you come across a song which can demolish you; take you down in slow-mo, floor by floor like an old hotel, ending in a puff of plaster and dust. Maria Majsa, writing about Between The Bars by Elliot Smith.

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