Stereo Stories in concert

Our first show for 2017 was a 90 minute concert on Saturday 18 February in Wangaratta, northern Victoria.

Our next show is at the Williamstown Town Hall on Saturday 17 June, part of the Williamstown Literary Festival. Save the date, folks. The show was booked out last year.

  Postcard designed by Chris Rees.

“Stereo Stories has emerged from a melting pot of writers and musicians to become one of the most interesting ways for people to enjoy, understand, and connect with the live performance of songs that have been pivotal in people’s lives. ” – Michael Stewart, Director, Newport Folk Festival, Melbourne

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Every so often you come across a song which can demolish you; take you down in slow-mo, floor by floor like an old hotel, ending in a puff of plaster and dust. Maria Majsa, writing about Between The Bars by Elliot Smith.

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Oh! You Pretty Things by David Bowie

The Scottish lads had all lost their front teeth [fighting, falling over drunk] and at some point they loved to flip out their plates so we could appreciate what proper hard men they were. This may or may not have been some form of Celtic foreplay.

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