Stereo Stories Live 2016

Our next shows are Williamstown Literary Festival (18 June, 90 minutes) and Newport Folk Festival (2 July, 45 minutes).

Guest writers at our 90 minute show at the Williamstown Literary Festival are Andy Griffiths, Brian Nankervis, Paul Bateman, Lucia Nardo, Rijn Collins, Zoe Krupka, Clare Boyd-Macrae and Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson. Hosted and curated by Vin Maskell.

They will be backed by The Stereo Stories Band: Peter Maskell, Jack Gramski, Rob Gador and Anthony Shortte, with guest appearances from Jennifer Lund (grand piano) and Salvatore Romita (piano accordion).

Saturday evening 18 June, 7.30pm. Williamstown Town Hall.

Book your tickets via the Williamstown Literary Festival.

“Stereo Stories has emerged from a melting pot of writers and musicians to become one of the most interesting ways for people to enjoy, understand, and connect with the live performance of songs that have been pivotal in people’s lives. The writing is as polished as the musicians are professional, and I have no hesitation in recommending Stereo Stories as a performance piece for a festival, an afternoon’s entertainment, or as the centre piece of an arts exhibition.” – Michael Stewart, Director, Newport Folk Festival , Melbourne

For enquiries about performances, contact Vin Maskell

For details of previous shows, see our Gig Guide

ZoeReading_E Algra_0041
The High Ground, Geelong Library, February 2016. Photo by Eric Algra.

Tell us a story, a Stereo Story

We publish well-written, evocative, concise stories about ‘a song, a place, a time’.

You’re welcome to write about all sorts of songs, including songs that are already here on the site.

How many words? Up to 800, thanks.

More details at Write for us.

“A song’s not a song without a bit of your life wrapped around it.” Steven Carroll, The Art Of The Engine Driver (p248)

The Cape by Guy Clark

Lucia Nardo
Family gathering, Melbourne, 1996

I felt a plum-size lump, unyielding to my touch. Dan yelped with pain. That moment is etched in my memory. I knew our lives were about to change. I wanted to push the lump back down, along with all the terror it was about to unleash.

Wide Open by The Chemical Brothers

Fiction by Jesse Maskell
Falls Festival, Victoria, 2016

The best moments are supposed to be ahead but this is it. In five hours I’ll be head-in-an-ocean Chemical Brothers play Wide Open 40 minutes into their set and I’ll look around for Karti, Caitos, through the dim flashing crowd seeing iconic hero friends in moments.

Our next show! 18 June at Willy Lit Fest

Our next show is at Williamstown Literary Festival on Saturday evening 18 June, with Brian Nankervis, Andy Griffiths, Rijn Collins, Lucia Nardo, and more.

Between The Bars by Elliott Smith

Maria Majsa
One bedroom apartment, Herne Bay, Auckland 2007

You can fall in love with songs just like you can fall in love with people and because I discovered Elliott Smith after he’d died, it was like falling in love and breaking up at the same time.

Take It To the Limit by The Eagles

Kahli Scott
Brisbane, Australia and London, UK; April 2016

There’s been a shadow over me that doesn’t seem to lift when London’s grey skies do. And Randy Meisner’s voice keeps popping into my head.

Small Town by John Mellencamp

David Oke
Tennessee and Alabama, April 2016

Some of the small towns we passed through were obviously buoyant and surviving well. Others had a few too many vacant stores with grimy windows and closed down gas stations.

Record store pilgrim (Old Records Never Die by Ian Hunter)

Vin Maskell
Record store, Melbourne, 2011

All of us are revealing a little of our non-work selves, latching onto something invisible — a riff, a chord, a chorus; holding onto something intangible — a melody, a key change, a lyric.

Stereo Stories on ABC 774

Jack Gramski and Vin Maskell were talking and singing Stereo Stories on ABC 774 on Wednesday 13 April, courtesy of the Lindy Burns evening program.

State Trooper by Bruce Springsteen

Vin Maskell
Wellington St, St Kilda, 1982

Five songs in and I was wrung out. No light, no shade on this album. Black rivers. Serial killers.

Stereo Stories Live: new stories at latest gig

Stereo Stories return to The Gallery at Williamstown Library on Sunday 3 April featured three new performance stories and the debut of writer Alan Attwood.

We also took the opportunity to do an impromptu local launch of Jack Gramski’s new five-song CD.